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Health  download now

Health is used in almost every game. But in most games, you also need to show this health. This is very easy in GM, until you try to apply it to multiple instances. The predefined health in GM is a global variable. It can't be used for more than one character. This tutorial tells you how to get it right.


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Well, good luck with your game, then.
Hiya troll! This is Ludwig X from YoYo. Thanks for this tutorial. It helped me in my game. :)
I'm glad to hear this, $MonehGames$. May your characters have much health :)
Wow, this tutorial is awesome! In fact, all of your tutorials are awesome! Thnkas, this tutorial really helped Trollsplatterer.
When I create a menu room, on my game.
I have text HP and ammo.

when I have a single room, all is fine.
But if I create a menu room that goes to another room
I always get this message:

Error in code at line 7:

at position 26: Unknown variable HP

Please help me.

My Yoyo account name is ubermagivftw
please message me

If you need specific help, PM me on YoYo Games or send me an e-mail ( with details on what you need and what your game looks like.
help me make a hp bat for my game

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