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Battle your way through 15 action-packed worlds!

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3D racing game with custom paper airplanes.
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An Engine to help you start a 2D Platformer Game.

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Tower Defence  download now

This file shows the start of a tower defence game. You press the button and creatures are generated at the tower. First you have to create the tower, by clicking the red patch. Then you can generate one flow of enemies. You can kill these by clicking them.


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This example was created at the request of someone, I don't even know what a tower defence game is, really.
If you could describe a bit more in detail what would be a good Tower Defence example, I could add it to my todo-list.
please i love td games... could u make this a bit better? tower defence games involve towers that shoot those for you though that could be a good wave spawner.
Yes, I know, I'd give this example a low rating too. Maybe I should clean out the examples sometimes, freshen them up, improve them... It's not one of my priorities, though.

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