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Platformer Engine
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An Engine to help you start a 2D Platformer Game.

Guliseo Spirit
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Battle your way through 15 action-packed worlds!
RK-1 Revenge of the Rats
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Use RK-1 to defeat nasty burglar insects!

Endurance 3d
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A survival game with many weapons and enemies.
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FPS expansion  download now

YoYo Games has an official tutorial for making 3D-games. I made some modifications to allow a more FPS-like movement: look around using the mouse, move faster when pressing a button, strafe, slide by walls when you hit them... I also added a modification to re-enable the mouse when in the menu, so you can handle the menu using the mouse. Do remember the original tutorial was found on YoYo Games, so all credits should go to them too.


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Straight view
Straight view This is a normal view in the room. It's possible to look up, look down and to jump. These will be shown in the next screenshots.
Looking down
Looking down This screenshot shows that you can look down, facing the floor.
Looking up
Looking up Now the player is looking up, towards the ceiling.
Jumping up
Jumping up This screenshot shows that it's now possible to jump. The view is now positioned higher in the room, close to the ceiling.

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