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Platformer Engine
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An Engine to help you start a 2D Platformer Game.

Hexsweeper 2
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Minesweeper redefined!
Guliseo Spirit
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Battle your way through 15 action-packed worlds!

Infinite Stick War of Death V3
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The third remake of the epic, endless war God has started.
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This example reads a textfile and stores the lines in an array. Then this array is used to show the lines in a story-room. The example is mainly written in GML, because this is required for reading files.


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If you tell me what your problem is I may be able to help you out. Your comment doesn't really clarify what you're trying to say, Roryo...
Can't work the story.
The story isn't read out loud, you have to scroll through the story to see the entire text. I didn't include any text-to-voice recognition, I'm afraid. :)
I can't hear anything?

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