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The Invention of Life
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Game for the GameJolt Invention Contest.

Hexsweeper 2
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Minesweeper redefined!
Endurance 3d
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A survival game with many weapons and enemies.

Platformer Engine
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An Engine to help you start a 2D Platformer Game.
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This is an extended version of the first login-example (login.gmk). This example shows you how to use an INI-file to store the information for the inventory of the player. It also allows the player to make several profiles. The information is encrypted to the user can't cheat with his stats.


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You can also remove the information from the INI-file, using a word processor, there's no way to really protect the information as long as the user can access that file.
brilliant script except one problem. you can remove profiles without giving a password so people can be destructive :p
This is great. I've been waiting for something like this for a very long time now. 6/6.
This is amazing!

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