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Paper Flight
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3D racing game with custom paper airplanes.

Endurance 3d
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A survival game with many weapons and enemies.
Platformer Engine
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An Engine to help you start a 2D Platformer Game.

RK-1 Revenge of the Rats
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Use RK-1 to defeat nasty burglar insects!
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Joystick Movement  download now

This is an example on moving with the joystick. It's main intention is to show you how to make special moves for fighting games (i.e.: fireball: Down to Right + kick). It is mainly written in GML.


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The error has been fixed. Thanks for notifying me.
Oh, you're right. I'll fix that.
You can either comment the line "draw_text(10,10,"move: " + string(move));" in the draw event of the eye, or you can add "move = 0;" to the creation event and remove the line "var move;" in the step event.
When I try to play it, it says unknown variable move.

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