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Destructible Terrain  download now

This example explains how to create destructible terrain. It subtracts an explosion-sprite from a land-sprite to create a new sprite that's used for the land-object. This method requires the pro-version, though.


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Indeed, I hadn't thought of that. You can use the deactivation of instances to fix this:
- Make a hole in the instance you collide with
- Decativate this instance
- Repeat this until there's no more collision
- Activate all instances again.

I'll see to it that this is added to the example.
This works great, but the only problem is when 2 are placed near or on top of each other. Either only 1, or neither of them are affected. I know this is difficult to handle in GM, so it's not something I can count you off for :) Nice job!
Really nice.
There is an explosion, but there's no surface-creation when there's no land object. The code already checks for a collision with land (instance_place(x,y,landobject)). If there's no land, the code stops (break).
change in object landdesructor the create event to a collusion event and it will only give the effects and destroying when he get that collusion with the land. I think this is better because now you can destroy air (it won't destroy but it gives an effect) :D
Real cool!

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