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Minesweeper redefined!
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Fighting game using resources  download now

This example uses the same engine as the first fighting game example, but in order to reduce the loading-time when using larger sprites, it uses resources. Resources require GM pro, so don't try this example with an unregistered version of GM.


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The problem is fixed, the ratings are now set to the mean value.
Thanks, though I fear there's something wrong with my rating system, it can't suddenly have 6 stars right after having a 1 star rating.
The system probably shows the last rating only, I'll check it out ASAP.
I loved it. I impreovedz it. It's cool. Good job.
One star? You can't use resources without pro, so if you gave one star because of the fact you need pro, that's a bit sad. If you give such a bad rating, I'd like to see a reason. The other Fighting game examples get a 6 star rating...

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