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Electroshock  download now

This example shows how to make an electrically curved line between two points. It doesn't require PRO, but it does use GML and scripts.


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Small lines and high deviation
Small lines and high deviation With small lines, the effect really looks like an electrical shortcut
Larger lines
Larger lines If you increase the linesize, it starts to look like an electrical field
Larger minimum size
Larger minimum size Well, I don't know what this looks like, really.
Another one of those
Another one of those If anyone has an idea what this is, tell me.
Blisters If you press F (set an argument of the function to true), you create extra blisters at random locations.
Just having some fun, really
Just having some fun, really Well, it's just fun to try all possible settings. They all have a different effect: distance between the two points, line lengths, directions, color... Try and see for yourself


By Comment
Thanks, it can be tweaked to produce some pretty impressive effects, if I may say so.
If you want to use it, use the example to select the effect you want and then copy the numbers at the top of the display (length and deviation) to the right arguments of the script when calling it.
dang. this is really really awesome.

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