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Online Scoreboard  download now

This tutorial shows how to make an online scoreboard with Game Maker. It uses 39DLL.dll to connect with your website and it uses two PHP-pages. One to post the score online and one to show the scoreboard in your website.


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Adding a score for Trollsplatterer
Adding a score for Trollsplatterer You can set the name with the Name button and change the score with the up-down arrow.
Adding a score for Splattering Troll
Adding a score for Splattering Troll You can keep changing names and scores and keep posting them. Press Show Online to open the webpage with the scoreboard.
Draw the scoreboard
Draw the scoreboard If you press Show Score, or if you choose the draw-option after pressing Post & Show, you proceed to the scoreboard room. An object draws the scoreboard as you can see here.
Showing the score in a messagebox
Showing the score in a messagebox If you press Post & Show, your new highscore is posted online and you can show your score in a messagebox. This is the result.


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You sir are a Genius.
a lot of Thanks!!!
not fix gamemaker studio
You have to place the file 39dll.dll in the same directory as the executable. If you don't do that, you have to set the first parameter of the function dllinit() (i.e. in scr_postScoreOnline) to the (relative) location of the DLL-file.

action number 1
of Mouse Event for Left Released
for object obj_btnPost:

Error defining an external function.

Could you fix this?
Hi, I'm using GM Studio, I was wondering if you could tell me the http post string

so i can implement your script in my game, I have already set up the php script on my server.

Since I'm using Studio, I'm unable to use your version, due to the fact that GMS has removed alot of the older commands that are used in pro.

I want to be able to set up my game: which you can view online at:

also available on Android and windows and IPhone.

So you see, i just want to add this feature into my game.

Thanks, if would be a great help.

Very useful to games!!!
yeah, like windows live and i dont need it urgently
I'm not sure if I know what you mean by that.
Do you mean to keep your profile and achievements online, like a Windows Live profile?
That may indeed be a useful tutorial, though I don't think I can provide it very soon. Do you need it urgently?
could you make a game maker online log in tutorial so i can log inot my website on my game
The 'score adjuster' was merely created to show you how to use the functions (scripts) in your game and to test the php-code. The example gmk just allows you to manually change your score, so you can set it to whatever you want.

If you use this in your game, you decide how the score is created and then you run the script which adds the score to the online scoreboard.

So the tutorial was made to have your players add their score to your online scoreboard, not for the admin to do so manually :)
Is this a score board for users or just for the admin to add the score. Just wondering why there was a score adjuster built in. and how do you load the dll into the game? Other than that I m all set up with the mysql data base and the php files on the site. Really cool program you have there and thanks.
Yes everything is correct.
And i found out what was the error.
I had forgot to take away the "http://" on my website link in the script.

Everything works perfect now =D
Are you sure that your database tables are the same as the example and that you added the right login and passwords for your database?
Send me a mail if you want a quick response, my e-mail address is on the page behind the Trollsplatterer-link in the menu.
Been looking for this a long time now, its great.
I have added it to my game now,
and i tried your highscore website first on the example.
It worked great then, but when i changed everything to my website
i get error every time =(, i get something like this:
something got wrong,score not saved.

I have the sql table in my database and all the tree php files are on the web server, so i can't figure out whats wrong.

Make sure that the website has a MySQL database and that the file you're using has the extension ".php", not ".html".
never mind i found out myself ^_^, but how do i make the setting on the website from "."n/t/t
How do you put the dll into the game!!?!?

it keeps saying uknown function!

otherwise i'd think this is very good
Professor Kill
Very helpful!
All done now, have fun with the new tutorial.
This tutorial is being modified in order to support showing the online scoreboard in-game.

* : The rating makes use of your IP-address to remember your vote. IP addresses may change, but your vote will be kept, even though it may no longer be visible here.