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RK-1 Revenge of the Rats
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Use RK-1 to defeat nasty burglar insects!

The Black Hole that Wants to Eat Me
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Stranded in space close to a black hole...
Infinite Stick War of Death V3
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The third remake of the epic, endless war God has started.

Guliseo Spirit
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Battle your way through 15 action-packed worlds!
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Custom sprites  download now

This example explains how to let your player import images into the game. The images are saved into a local directory and loaded as sprites. This example requires PRO, because you need PRO to enable loading resources.


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well I opened it in GM8, then when I saw the errors I just removed the two trues

maybe GM8's sprite_add function has less parameters than the one in GM7
I can't confirm this as of now, but I suspect that this function has been modified in GM8. The example has been made for GM7...
I should probably add an option to choose the version of GM you're using before downloading.
vNewSprite = sprite_add(vNewFilename,1,true,true,true,true,0,0);
:P to many trues on line 35 of your add sprite script
nice work, very useful

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