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RK-1 Revenge of the Rats
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Use RK-1 to defeat nasty burglar insects!

Hexsweeper 2
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Minesweeper redefined!
Endurance 3d
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A survival game with many weapons and enemies.

Spiral Lords
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Lead your empire to conquer the galaxy.
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Clocks and date  download now

This example shows you how to create a clock (analog or digital) or a calender. There are one digital clock, 3 analog clocks (self-drawn, using animations and using rotated sprites [PRO!]) and one digital calender. The calendar allows both American and British notation of the date. All objects can be given any offset in time or date.


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Current date and time
Current date and time This screenshot shows the current date and time and seconds are shown. The date is shown in format DD/MM/YYYY
Date offset, no seconds
Date offset, no seconds This screenshot shows a date in the future and no seconds. The date is also show in the date format 'Month D, Y'.

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