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3D Platform View  download now
by UKGameDev

This example shows how to make a 3D-style platformer. It uses 2D sprites, but it uses 3D elements to give the platformer a 3D effect. Unfortunately 3D effects require GM PRO. It's been designed by FGS_HURRICANE, though I did add some extra features to it.


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Initial screen
Initial screen Initially you can see a platformer. The floor-elements consist of 3D-blocks with a texture.
Zoom in
Zoom in With Z you can zoom in to take a closer look. The character will stay 2D, but the blocks are clearly three dimensional.
Move up
Move up With V you can move the camera up.
Rotate With H you move the camera horizontally, which causes a rotating effect.


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This is pretty interesting, never thought of doing it this way. I may or may not download this and give it a try.
yes, some vary from 800x600 to 900x650.
i have been toying around with the example but, it shows the room surrounded by the outside f it. when it should just show the view(which is the size of the room) because i have some HUD set by the view.
Well, it's not my example, but to show the entire room, the z-position will be related to the size of the room, I suppose.

I can't try this right now, as I don't have PRO on this computer, but I suggest that you just modify zPos until the whole room or view is shown.
Do your rooms have different sizes, or do they all have the same dimensions?
wht do i do for showing the whole room?
just downloaded the example, very well modified! As you may find out with many of my games, I tend not to comment the code but I do add the odd code here and there XD

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