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Gathering Resources  download now

This is an example about resource collection for top-down games. In RTS games, there's usually a way to gather resources such as food, wood, gold... This example gives a good clue as to how you can build something like that. The code will require some modifications to make it look more realistic (obstacles, enable to influence the transporter), but this is a good start. All code is in GML, no D&D actions.


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Gathering the first resources
Gathering the first resources There are 3 types of visible objects. The blue ball is the transporter. The red balls are the gathering locations and the green balls are the resources. Each items indicates the amount of reources which it contains.
Transport to the gathering point
Transport to the gathering point When the transporter is filled to its maximum, it returns to the closest gathering point. When the goods are loaded into the gathering point, the total amount of goods, shown at the top-left side of the window, also increases.
Filling up
Filling up As long as the transporter isn't filled 100%, it keeps moving to the next resource.
All gone
All gone When all resources are gone, the transporter moves to the closest gathering point to load off the last resources. Then it stops and waits for new resources to appear.


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There are two ways of using Game Maker, D&D (the actions like Move Horizontal or Set Vertical Speed) and GML (programming language to replace the D&D actions).

The Execute Code action runs GML code which you have to write yourself, but you'll have to learn how to use GML first.
I have a GML tutorial on the main page and you'll find many others on the internet. You'll find all GML variables and functions in the Game Maker help file.
whats the whole execute code about and where are you supposed to get the codes from???
Thanks. It looks like I'm going to have to update the screenshots a bit, though, they are a bit messy.
I may enable PNG compatibility for the screenshots one day, that'll get rid of the blur-effect.
This is Goku Kid and i must say!, Very Good Work!

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