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The third remake of the epic, endless war God has started.

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A survival game with many weapons and enemies.
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Battle your way through 15 action-packed worlds!
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Parents  download now
by Bebop

This is a tutorial about how, why, and when to use parents. Made by Bebop (YYG alias: SnakeSkinCreations). This tutorial was made in GM8, so it's GM7 incompatible.


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Walkthrough tutorial
Walkthrough tutorial This tutorial contains a walkthrough, when you run the game, it shows images to explain how parents work.
Code explanation
Code explanation The used events and code are shown through screenshots. There's a guiding text too, if you press help (F1).
Walkthrough info
Walkthrough info More information on parents in the walkthrough.
Example game
Example game The tutorial uses a simple example game to explain the use of parents.

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