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Minesweeper redefined!

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Use RK-1 to defeat nasty burglar insects!
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An Engine to help you start a 2D Platformer Game.

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Car Physics  download now
by HippoGames

This example shows how to make skid-marks with a car. The skid-marks are objects which fade out and self-destruct. Pro is required for the use of image_angle, which can be replaced with rotating subimages of the car- and skid-sprites (not explained in the example).


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Skidding car
Skidding car When the car stops, it leaves skid-marks. These fade away after a while.
Another marking
Another marking You can drive through the level and accelerate and break.


By Comment
Nice and easy skid mark system. Thx!!
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I already notified the creator that the car shouldn't stop when you turn, I don't mind the skid-marks, but the breaks should be let loose when you release the left or right button. He told me before that he'd make a new version, I'll overwrite the file if he sends me the new one.
The skid marks on this were pretty nice looking, the downside was that you get them so easily... Like, I could be driving forward and tap the left button a few times and I would stop in my tracks.

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