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Car Drift  download now

This top-down example shows how to make a car create tire-marks when accelerating, breaking and turning. It uses a surface to reduce the amount of objects in the room. The disadvantage is that this might not work well for very large rooms.


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Skid-marks When you accelerate, turn or break, the car leaves tire-marks on the street.
Filthy street
Filthy street The tire-marks don't fade out, they are part of the surface which is drawn as background.


By Comment
Oh... and I guess the description is misleading... this is not really a surface skid example at all! its a drift example. Don't look at the skid marks. Check out the physics of the drift.
the code isn't that bad seeing as its the only example I know of that has a realistic drift, (not just that space drifting everyone else uses.)
I feel that the code was too complicated for a result that is not very appealing at all.

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